To complement our extensive line of manual and declutchable manual worm gears we offer a complete line of accessories.

Hand Wheels/Handles

  • We offer handwheels in sizes ranging from 6″ to 36″ in diameter. Each handwheel is properly sized to meet customer requirements for rim pull and safety standards. A pin on style is standard, but handwheels may be keyed for input installments.

Hand Cranks

  • For customers desiring or requiring something other than a handwheel, we offer hand cranks and handles. The hand cranks are fabricated steel and are currently available in 5″, 6″, 12″, and 18″ radius configurations. Hand cranks are available in pin on style or keyed style.

Padlocking Devices

  • All gear actuators and declutching gear actuators are available with padlocking devices. Manual gears are available in two styles: factory installable and field installable. Padlocking devices for declutchable gears are only available factory installed.The factory-installed padlocking device for manual gears allows the unit to be locked in 6° increments per handwheel turn. This is a good option for tamper resistance and safety sensitive installations. This also allows precision valve control for throttling or regulated flow.The field mountable style is great for units in the field that need this option added. Installation of the field style is accomplished with simple hand tools.The padlocking option for manual declutchable gears allows locking of the handwheel position and locking of the declutch handle. You can lock the unit in the engaged or disengaged mode, or lock it positioned in a specific valve position.

Stem Couplers

  • Special coupling is available to fit a variety of shaft configurations. We fit squares, rounds, double D’s, and other coupling requirements. In many cases, we can special-fit the stem without putting bulky brackets and expensive double-ended couplers.

Right Angle Drives

  • For special requirements, we offer right angle drives. This allows the input shaft to be parallel to the valve shaft. This provides access to units in pits with an input extension or reach rods.

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