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The History of the Ken Elliott Company

The (Kenneth) Elliott Company was founded in 1951 as a manufacturer representative for products used in the flow control industry. It soon became apparent that the products sold through the (Kenneth) Elliott Company needed to be supplemented with items not readily available. This expansion of the product line included precision hydraulic valves manufactured in our own facility. Manufacturing precision hydraulic valves was an excellent way to become known as a close tolerance, high-quality product company. Products that followed included the patented “RR” series of recirculating ball screw electric and pneumatic valve operators.

1964 saw the entry of the worm gear line of valve operators that are still so successfully manufactured today. Initial sizes were developed that augmented the ball screw actuator line of the period. These served as the stepping stones into the manual worm gear actuator market. Throughout the 1970s, the gear line proved worthy of expansion.

The invention of the declutchable manual override was developed by innovator Kent Elliott. The product initially grew slowly but gained favor and use throughout the 1970s and going forward. This revolutionary gear design has been widely copied but never equaled.

The current state of the Ken Elliott Company is again delving into the development of additional sizes and more cutting-edge products for the future of flow control actuation.

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